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About Us

Adriann SLS 2022.jpeg

Adriann Crowe

Adriann has been singing and playing piano and oboe from a very young age. She auditioned for the Casper...

Jen SLS 2022.jpeg

Jen Miller

Jen is also a transplant, growing up in the Wild West in a musical family. Jen's family chose New Bern to settle down...

Karen SLS 2022.jpeg

Karen Pierson

Music has been part of Karen's life from an early age, starting with both piano lessons and singing...

Mabel SLS 2022.jpeg

Mabel Rosney

Mabel has been singing since middle school and loved music so much, she earned a degree in Music Education...

Dare 2022.jpg

Dare Oliver

Dare performed often growing up - safely nestled within many large choral groups. These include ten years...

Michelle SLS 2022.jpeg

Michelle Roys

Michelle has been singing her entire life. As a very little girl, she was belting out...

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