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Dare Oliver

   Dare performed often growing up - safely nestled within many large choral groups. These include 10 years with her home church choir in Swansboro, an a cappella group at NCSU and the women’s choir at NCSU. Many years later she was pulled on stage by her kids and husband, performing as the family band, Strung Together. The band performed all across Eastern North Carolina for six years. When her daughters left for college, Dare missed singing and blending voices with other female singers. After years of dreaming and talking about it with her dear friend Katie, they decided to make this group a reality. For Dare, the result has been exactly what she was hoping to find at precisely the right moment - beautiful harmonies, new (and renewed) friendships, a place to belly laugh, and a way to contribute and learn at the same time. 

     She is extremely grateful to Katie, Nina, Jen, Michelle, Mabel and Karen - the friends who showed up to give this a try at the time they all needed it. She also wants to thank her husband, George; her kids, Catt, Abigail and Mason; and her friends who are supporting her as this group looks to establish itself as a permanent part of the music scene in New Bern. She looks forward to performing with these amazingly talented gals for years to come.

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