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     When we started this group, we were searching for joy amidst the isolation of 2020’s COVID-19 restrictions. Choosing to celebrate what we have in common has allowed us to experience many “silver linings” together, from one of our original members finding her dream job to watching our current members flourish in their community theater, their professions, and as newlyweds, moms, and spouses. We have also been a shelter from the storm; from heartbreaks to trials and tribulations, we have become each other’s cheerleaders, mentors, and sources of solace. 

     Our range of ages and experiences has created not only a rich pool of talent but also a diverse interest in our music choices. From Enya to Fleetwood Mac, Dolly Parton to Wham! (yes, Wham!), from a 1950s classic to an 18th century Irish pub song, we have embraced all genres of music as we have embraced each other. We choose songs that are familiar to many and enjoyed by all. We hope to share our joy of singing together with you!

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